LAUREN EMBODIES THE NEW age of mind-body fitness. She was first introduced to yoga and Pilates as a theater major at Northwestern University. Upon graduation, she received her Pilates certification in Los Angeles through the PhysicalMind Institute and Master Trainer Ivon Dahl. After moving back to New York City, Lauren completed her 200–hour yoga certification through YogaWorks and became a registered E–RYT Yoga Instructor and member of the Yoga Alliance. She is also certified to teach Postnatal Yoga through Yoga Mom, Buddha Baby with Jyothi Larson.

AFTER AN EMPIRICAL EXAMINATION of the benefits of yoga on children, beginning in 2007, Lauren was compelled to design a novel yoga-for-kids curriculum "sprouting" from her innate ability to connect with children and her deep knowledge of yoga. Lauren's company, Yogi Beans, is the result of her extensive experience teaching yoga to children on her mat and in the classroom, and leading numerous adult workshops and trainings. Yogi Beans has enabled Lauren's captivating yoga-for-kids' programming to reach thousands of children, parents and aspiring kids' yoga instructors alike, and has since become one of the most popular children's programs in New York City.

LAUREN IS INSPIRED BY inspired by Master teacher Sri Dharma Mittra as well as the works of Marianne Williamson, Paulo Coehlo and Wayne Dyer. She is passionate about helping people recognize both their inner and outer strength and guiding them on their way to a healthier and holistic lifestyle.

WHEN NOT PRACTICING YOGA or Pilates, Lauren can be found barking in down dog while practicing yoga with her daughters Vivienne Bell and Juliette Rose, eating a Vegetarian Burrito or dreaming about the next time she can go snorkeling!